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One of the top Santa Experiences in the Hull area for 2018 is Princes Quay according to the Daily Mail. I am delighted to be appearing at the grotto again for 2018, including the VIP opening with Jingles The Reindeer. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/whats-on/family-kids/best-places-see-santa-hull-2202243

Oliver and Jasmine Lovell meet Santa at Princes Quay Image Go! Photo Vicky Benge

Oliver and Jasmine meet Santa at The Princes Quay Shopping Mall PQ Express VIP opening 2017 (Image: Go! Photo, Vicky Benge). Click on the photo to see the full Hull Daily Mail Article.

“meeting Santa, what I had expected to be the most traumatic part of the whole

experience for me and my 3 year old (last year she refused to set foot in any grotto’s!). But when the door opened she happily wandered in to Santa’s room and stood beside him very happy and very chatty! I think the whole experience and magical scene created to that point had helped settle my little one’s nerves. To top it all Santa had a Scandinavian accent – Perfect. He asked all the right questions, both children were captivated by him, and they each received a lovely gift.” “I was genuinely blown away by the experience, every detail is perfect. It’s so much more than a usual grotto visit and it was a fantastic way to put us all in the festive spirit. It’s an ideal grotto for a first experience and it was my youngest first real meeting of Santa, and also good for older children, my nearly 7 year old was very impressed with the visit” (Hull and East Riding MUMbler Parenting Community website 2017. Review of #PQexpress) Full review here https://hullandeastriding.mumbler.co.uk/all-aboard-the-pq-express/

“Remember, this is Santa and not Father Christmas so ours even had an American accent. Each child gets a few minutes with the big man himself. He sits them on his stool next to him, chats, offers a gift and even let her ring the bell.” (What’s On Hub 2017)

“Silly Old Santa Claus is always our agencies first choice. Reliable, professional and brilliant with the children. His flexibility, work ethic, attention to detail and understanding of the events industry, make him a great guy to have on your team. Most of all he is the best Santa Claus around.” (Darren Squires, Manager of Creative Projects Ltd, Booked SOS Claus for Hull Children’s Library 2015 & 2016)